Letters from Fans

Everyone I asked to take a look at my new site really likes it. They say it’s beautiful. I think so, too. One friend who’s quite web savvy said it’s ‘wonderfully navigable.’ She said you hit a home run, Andy!

— Winnie “Mother” Sperry
Mother Sperry’s Plum Pudding

The website Andy Blake designed is not only a beautiful display of my artwork, but it has also produced amazing results for my business. A number of galleries have begun displaying my work, and I am now getting steady sales.

— Lynn Blake John
Artist and Illustrator in Wales, U.K.

To generate interest in my first novel, QUEEN OF CLUBS, I asked Tomboy Web Design to create a website for me. I am thrilled with Andy Blake’s editorial choices and with the colours, fonts and design layout. Everyone who has seen my website has commented favourably. My site is now generating book sales.

— Simon Glyndwr John, Novelist

I’m thrilled with the classy gallery website Andy Blake designed and implemented for me. It’s fun and easy to navigate, and my artwork is beautifully displayed. Best of all, Andy empowered me to add new work to my site quickly and easily.

— Judy Meryl Kaplan, Artist and Film Producer

Andy Blake is knowledgeable about all aspects of developing a website. She is very creative when it comes to the graphic design portion of a website. She cares about her clients and is willing to work extra hours to meet a deadline. Working with Andy is a true delight!

— Stephen M. Katz, Seattle Attorney

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